JURNAL: Android-based automatic detection and measurement system of highway billboard for tax calculation in Indonesia


Billboards are objects, tools or actions, which based on the characteristics serve its own purpose to earn profits, advertise certain people or service, and to draw public’s attention by placing it in a very strategic place. It has led the government to charge tax on billboards based on its location, dimensions, and viewpoints. Therefore, authorized parties have to be able to ensure the data authenticity of the proposed billboards. One of the obstacles in data verification is the time of billboards measurement process due to its size and height from the ground, based on this problem, and we developed a system which can measure the dimensions of billboards without physically touching it by implementing image processing methods to identify the billboards. The implementation is by measuring the dimensions of the billboards using perspective concept, then calculates the distance between the camera and the object using two point distance calculation GPS coordinates. The results showed that the distance calculation using the GPS method generated   inaccurate   values, whereas   the   systematic   distance   method generated a result of errors’ range from 0.5 to 25 cm if the image acquisition is performed nearly perpendicular to the object.

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